Entrepreneurial Happiness "Hour"

Boundary Rehab: 12 week seminar on how to create a more successful and happier life.

Offering this beta class for only $500 ~ SAVE $997!!!

 Boundary Rehab: 12 Week Seminar

Every Wednesday, March 22 - June 7 
8:30 - 10am Pacific time

For entrepreneurs, boundaries are critical to our ongoing success. 


Join us in identifying and practicing the high level skills needed to get clear about what is yours, mine and ours while also creating the deep connection and spaciousness that is possible throughout your entire life.

Twelve, 90 minute sessions, starting March 22, 2023 (every Wednesday through June 7). 8:30-10am pacific time.

Topics: Stop saying yes out of obligation and guilt. How to improve family gatherings. Say No with grace and gratitude. Manage your own internal itty-bitty-sh**y committee. Heal from boundary violations from the past and much, much more!

Includes workbook, recordings and community building.

Offering this beta class for only $500! 
Only $500 for 12 weeks of content and practicum. Payment plan available.  
Future offerings will be $1497 ~ save $$997!
What Others Have Said
“I’m loving the part of me that goes victim more than I ever have. Instead of beating myself up, I am asking how I can get this need met in another way? Changing my life! 
Thank you”
“This talk left me wanting more. Please write it up!”

Penelope Bell

is a "360" transformational leadership coach who recognizes and draws out the absolute best version of those she guides. For over 35 years she has been an entrepreneur and her clients frequently refer to their work together as the "secret sauce" of their overall success and fulfilment. They collectively share a passion for creating positive change and the healing of our planet.

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